Markdown Support for a Small Subset of HTML Tags (BB-6931)

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Brent O'Connor created an issue

It would be nice if the filter used to display Markdown files in the source view would render the HTML <strike> tag. I know this isn't supported for security reasons. However, it would still be cool if you could figure out a way to make a small subset of HTML tags work securely.

I have a todo list in the Markdown syntax and when I'm finished with a task I like to mark it as finished by wrapping the item in the <strike> tag.



    - Item 1
    - Item 2
    - Item 3


    - <strike>Item 4</strike>
    - <strike>Item 5</strike>
    - <strike>Item 6</strike>

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  1. Christopher Case

    In an attempt to consolidate discussion, I commented on one of the duplicates of this issue:

    BitBucket (as mentioned in #4412) uses Python Markdown for it's markdown rendering. Looking at the documentation, (specifically about safe_mode) the authors comment:

    See Also: HTML sanitizers (like Bleach) may provide a better solution for dealing with markdown text submitted by untrusted users. That way, both the HTML generated by Markdown and user submited raw HTML are fully sanitized.

  2. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Flipping the duplicate the other way since the duplicate issue has more votes. If you've voted or commented on this issue, please comment or vote on #6939

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