Issue "on hold" is still open issue

Issue #5683 wontfix
Jakub Lucký created an issue

Hi, I believe, that issue which is "on hold" should still be visible in "open issues" as it is not resolved (and is probably waiting for something)

Way to reproduce: 1. Create new issue 2. Use workflow button to set it "on hold" 3. Return to issues 4. From "Open","My issues","All" select "Open" 5. You don't see your issue

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    We don't plan on changing this. It is difficult to satisfy all use cases in an issue tracker with different priorities, statuses, etc.

    I'd suggest creating an advanced search that has open or on hold issues for you workflow.

  2. matteo dello ioio

    I join this issue. It seems a bit "odd" to me. Maybe I'm getting wrong something. How OnHold status is supposed to be used?

  3. Dustin Wyatt

    If you agree you should add your vote on the right side of the screen instead of commenting. And now I've gone and made a comment myself!

  4. Thor Brigsted

    Having to create an "advanced search" for something as mundane as seeing what still needs to be done is not a good solution imo. Perhaps it'd be acceptable if OnHold could have a reference to another issue that, when resolved, would move the issue to Open. The way it is now, OnHold just ends up forgotten and never implemented, and thus the feature is never used. You're really shooting yourself in the foot here.

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