Cannot create repository with REST API

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I'm trying to create a repository via REST but it's not working. I believe the request is correct because I'm using the Apigee console you provided, using the standard settings. Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Select basic auth and enter credentials
  2. Try 'GET user/' to make sure the credentials are correct
  3. From the left panel, select 'POST repositories/'
  4. In the 'Template' tab, enter required field 'accountname' (easycompanyit) + 'repo_slug' (test006)
  5. In the 'Body' tab, enter required field 'name' (test006)
  6. Click 'send'

The request can be viewed here: The response here:

Thanks already!


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  1. EasyCompany reporter

    After trying some more things I just discovered that it's not a bug in the api, but in the Apigee console. When selecting 'POST /repositories' from the left panel, it puts the wrong endpoint in the URL field. When I changed '' --> '' it worked.

    PS: I noticed that the Apigee console is not encrypted! So users who try the console with basic auth and their own credentials are (I assume) unknowingly sending their password in plain text.

  2. EasyCompany reporter

    Ah, snap.. Just realized that the API request is sent via https of course; I just looked at the browser address, so never mind my last comment! I guess we're done.. thanks for listening ;-)

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