Side-by-side diff as a first class citizen

Issue #5689 open
Oleg Shelajev
created an issue

Currently side-by-side diff can be viewed in a modal window, 1 changed file at a time.

It would be nice to have that as a first class diff view, like current unified one. I mean in the main window with all the files viewed in side-by-side fashion.

Additionally pretty useful would be if side-by-side diff could be set as a default for viewing changeset changes. So one wouldn't need to click some button all the time.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    It would be nice to support this, but it would require a big overhaul of our diff viewing to make sure the user experience is great, which we don't plan on doing anytime soon.

  2. Oleg Shelajev reporter

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for your reply. Do you know if changeset diff data is accessible through some kind of API? Haven't researched that yet, but I'm thinking of maybe writing a chrome extension that does view transformations that I want.

  3. Austin McDonald

    Any chance of reconsidering this? Side-by-side diff is a killer feature for us - we've been searching for a code review tool that supports it as a first-class citizen for awhile.

  4. Maxim Korolyov

    Hi Marcus,

    Is it possible to add settings to profile with diff type that is default for user? By default you can leave current diff, but if user wants - he can change it to side-by-side view.

  5. Kevin N. Weinhold

    I agree this enhancement would greatly increase productivity. I'm glad the staff have upgraded it from trivial/wontfix. Yes, other competing companies already provide side-by-side comparison as a default.

  6. Jesse Norris

    Please do this. BitBucket Server supports this out of the box combined with a better way to view pull requests (tree view of files, only shows one changed file at a time).

  7. Lukas Felber

    +1, this is a major inconvenience. On BitbucketServer I see a 'diff' tab on the pull-request that allows setting 'side-by-side' as default. Why not just add that tab? Also the "folder structure" (left side) is very helpful to understand the relation between affected files.

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