Can't add former Team Owner to Group: "You are already a member of this group"

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i1 Biometrics
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I created a team account with my individual company login ( Then I realized I should have used a team-ish email account for the owner, reserving my individual email account for commits.

So I added a dedicated email account to the email addresses ( and removed

Then I wanted to add to Administrators group for this team account. BitBucket adds the user with an email icon and sends an invitation. I receive the invitation and click the link. The browser goes to the URL and prints the error:

"You have been invited to join a team i1 Biometrics wants you to join the i1 Biometrics team You are already a member of this group."

Repeated resends of invitation result in the same error. BitBucket thinks an email invitation is required, but responses to the invitation are rejected as unnecessary.

How do I add an email account to a group of a team account after that email account has been a team account owner?


Jim Stearns i1 Biometrics Seattle

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    When you visit that invitation link, are you still signed in as the team account?

    That may be the cause of it saying that you are already a member of the team. You may want to try signing out of the account before visting that link in your browser.

  2. Nicolas Venegas

    What Marcus describes is most likely what is happening.

    An alternative could be to create your user account separately, then, when signed in as the team, add your user account directly (by username rather than email) and that should work instantly.

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