Feature request: priority ranking (BB-13862)

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Stuart Heinrich
created an issue

I would like each issue to be assigned a priority number and then have them sorted in this order...so that I can move issues up and down in order to keep the most critical tasks at the top. The existing "priority" filters are far too general and essentially useless...resulting in significant loss of productivity either trying to search for the more essential tasks, or because less essential tasks end up getting tackled first.

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  1. Stuart Heinrich reporter

    I have to reopen this issue because I don't think you comprehend the gravity of how incredibly trivial and impactful this feature would be.

    I have been using github for a few years at my other company, after we evaluated a number of competitive products. I settled on github not because we loved it, but because it sucked less than the alternatives. Mainly the reason why we were unhappy with it is because we could not easily order the issues...which means we actually needed to maintain a whiteboard with sticky notes which could be reordered. I'm now using bitbucket for some of my personal projects in addition, and I find it to be no better or worse than github. The biggest flaw in github is also the biggest flaw in bitbucket: you cannot put the issues in the order that they should be tackled.

    All I want is to be able to drag issues higher or lower in the list. If your team doesn't have the skills or time to implement drag and drop, then at least implement a "move up" and "move down" arrow.

    Maybe you can't please EVERYONE with 1 simple issue tracker, but I can't imagine how you could please ANYONE without having this feature.

    You say JIRA also has this limitation? Well, that's not a reason to not fix it. It's a reason to not bother trying JIRA, because we don't need extra superfluous features if it's lacking the most basic and critical features.

    In 2 years of use, this is the only thing that I have ever bothered to suggest. I have suggested at both Bitbucket and Github. If you don't give a shit what your users want or need, then go ahead, ignore your users...because you can't waste 30 minutes of 1 developers time to fulfill all my desires. And I guarantee you, if there's 1 person that says it, there's a thousand more that think it.

  2. Chris McCormick

    I could also really use this. I know it's probably not as simple as adding a "rank" field to the Issue model but just incase it is I thought I'd throw that out there. You could even set Jira to ignore that field maybe?

    Something like this would be sweet: https://github.com/centralniak/django-inline-ordering or even just simple ↑ and ↓ buttons.

    N.B. I am a paying customer, and otherwise very happy with your products. :) Thanks for listening. Cheers!

  3. Chris McCormick

    Hello. Just want to bump this. Still no way to sort issues other than by doing Edit -> Save to move them to the top of the stack. The "priority" flag is too coarse and worded incorrectly. Fine-grained ordering of issues would be amazingly useful.

  4. Dave Jarvis

    I came here to say the same thing.

    I'd like to be able to assign a number ("rank") to each issue that defines its "true" priority. Currently the "buckets" of priorities is great for a coarse-grained bubble-to-the-top. Sadly, it gives the false impression that the most recent issue is the most important within that priority category.

    The feature, as Stuart notes, is trivial: it is one extra field:

    • Assignee
    • Type
    • Priority
    • Rank - Order within the priority (any number between +/- 2,147,483,647)
    • Status
    • Votes
    • Watchers

    If the Rank is empty, then sort by priority, date (the current behaviour).

    If the Rank is not empty, then:

    • Sort by priority, rank (highest numbers = highest priority), date
    • Display the Rank value instead of the Created date
    • Assume any non-ranked issues have a 0-ranking
  5. Nathan Phetteplace

    I would also like to see this added. I view the current priority field more like severity. Just because an issue has a certain severity does not necessarily mean that it automatically gets more or less priority.

  6. Chris Clennon

    I completely agree with Stuart Heinrich.

    I'd like to add my vote to reopen this issue, as well. It's mind-boggling that such a relatively simple (but powerful) feature request would just be ignored. Hopefully many more people will add their comments to this.

  7. Py

    This feature is a must.

    "hard to please all use cases with a single, simple issue tracker" is a moot point because this feature adds absolutely no additional bloat to the user interface.

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