Progress bar for milestones/versions/components (BB-680)

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David Vega
created an issue

Hi, I think it would be pretty useful to be able to render a progressbar for a specific milestone/version/component showing the current closed tickets against the total; and perhaps optionally it would be cool to see as a "buffer bar" the current open ones, i.e. 80% closed tickets (in blue) + 6% open (in light blue).

Generation of the corresponding caption and maybe different colors for milestones/versions/components would also be nice.

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  1. David Vega reporter

    I was thinking about this the other day, and maybe it could be better suited for a "stats" section on the issue tracker, or something like that

  2. Christopher Case

    Completely agree. It's much easier for followers of projects to understand that a progress bar that says "93%" means "we're close to finishing this milestone", rather than knowing that 5 open or new issues means that. Instead, they have to look at how many issues are closed in that milestone, and get a rough feeling from there. While technically the same information, it's simply not as intuitive as a progress bar.

  3. wcb

    You guys should probably just put everything GitHub has had as a feature for years on their site on your TODO list because GitHub is setting the standard now.

  4. Lukas Meindl

    What are the "milestones" good for if there is no progress bar or any other visualisation available for them? Even for an intentionally small issue tracker, I consider this to be a crucial feature. We (CEGUI) are entirely happy with the issue trackers features, except for the lack of a proper roadmaps/milestones visualisation such as mentioned in this report.

  5. Xavier Bergeron

    I completely agree with Lukas' comment. I remember seeing a screenshot of a blue and green bar indicating progress, but I don't remember which product that is from. I really enjoy BitBucket's simplicity and ease of use, and this feature would help visualize workflow for single man teams such as myself without needing to use another company's service. I also think JIRA is a little overkill for what I am looking for, but I may consider obtaining a server starter license if I must.

  6. Lukas Meindl

    @Xavier Bergeron , We are a small (~3) developer team of volunteers and despite us having a large quantity of tickets JIRA is definitely overkill for us. Being Open Source we would even get it for free (If I remember right) but it simply would be more work than it would be a benefit so we decided against it.

    There is really only a couple of small changes the issue ticket system needs to be perfect for small projects. And most of them are actually among the top voted atm.

  7. Jek Bao Choo

    +1 this feature is still not available on bitbucket. it's useful for team collaboration knowing the milestone progress like how github has it. Even if bitbucket won't have it native, it could be an integration add-on.

  8. dfumosa NA

    i'm pretty surprised that this issue is this old and still not implemented, a simple change that is pretty useful for a lot of people. Come on bitbucket!

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