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Issue #5722 wontfix

Website Issues in IE7

Jason Rendel
created an issue


I use Bitbucket to store my project work I do for clients. I love the service but ever since the site redesign the support for IE7 is awful. I know, IE7 who uses that? Well in an enterprise environment as a web developer you need to support the browser that is the number one browser at the company(IE7 in almost every case...). So every time I want to create a bitbucket project I have to jump through hoops to either install another browser or create the project somewhere else. I know you can provide better support for IE7 and I wish you would put the extra effort in to provide a few polyfills for the features you feel are necessary.



Comments (1)

  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Sorry, but we only support the current and most recent versions of Internet Explorer 9 and 10. We don't plan on going back given the very small number of users who have visited our site in the last year from a browser less than IE 9.

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