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David Vega
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If you guys were to feature the scrum workflow you'd be an enormous hit (and the Assembla guys would cry), I have been looking for issue trackers with the scrum workflow and mercurial or git, and I could only find Redmine (and a scrumalliance plugin:, and Trac + Agilo (mercurial integration is appart), both which are a pain to setup in shared hosting environments.

Explicitly supporting the Scrum workflow could imply the following.

* That one could optionally use the scrum workflow in another tab.
* That one could track issue items with no milestone/version/component as backlog items.
* That one could track issue items with in a milestone/version/component as sprint items. Essentially, a milestone/version/component could be seen as a sprint.
* That one could make daily scrum reports for a project (answer the questions: what have i done, what am i doing and what are my obstacles) that one could see in a little per user/project feed similar to the actual account homepage activity feed, but this would be within the project.
* The ability to asign "story points" to issues. It would be utterly awesome if one could invite the "product owners" (register a user for them and give them read permission for the repository) to a more simple/friendly version of the issue tracker for them to input directly their "user stories" in the fashion of a CRM (a very little one =P) that only shows the tickets input by them, and collaborate with developers in a truly agile way.
* That one could see the burndown chart for milestone/versions/components. I strongly suggest using Open Flash Charts (
* And if possible, a scrum task board (;, that lets you add/remove/drag issues, modifying the burndown chart on-the-fly.

Even while featuring this workflow, some tools/services (i.e. Assembla) don't really feature user stories, which are for describing the client/user viewpoint of the requirements with a certain score assigned (story points) depending on its importance to the project.

I recently toured myself around the existing issues in the bitbucket tracker and spotted a comment where you guys said you like to keep stuff simple, so if you don't really feel like explicitly supporting Scrum, how about the following to be scrum-compatible?:

* A wiki macro for the milestone/version/component burndown charts with a target date as parameter.
* Some sort of quantifier for the issues importance (could be priority). This quantifier would impact the burndown chart's render, i.e. closing a small ticket would show as a small burndown.
* A taskboard that let one swiftly drag & drop issues across milestones/versions/components and directly edit their quantifier and status.
* Maybe the scrum reports would be the harder to integrate without altering bitbucket, so how about just a button for the issue comment-box that asked the three questions (what I did, what am I doing and what are my obstacles) in javascript popups and generated a little table or some sort of formatting; this, along a comment-only feed for the repository, although the mailer would be enough already. If there was a way to filter the comments to look for scrum reports it'd be awesome.
* And of course, a help section for getting the most about the scrum workflow with these implementations.

I'd happily switch to a paid plan if this workflow was supported (at least the burndown, scrum reports and user stories); Assembla charges per user/month/space, which is nosnense since the total expenses would allow our team to rent our own VPS at slicehost and could easily setup redmine/trac.

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  1. David Vega reporter

    I was thinking about the 4th point (of the second set I put). How about listing wiki changes, issue changes and comments in the overview tab, and moving the "diff comparison" option to the changesets tab, only without hiding it this time, it is barely visible in the overview, just noticed because of mere curiosity.

    Any thoughts about all this?.

  2. Eirik Stavem
    • changed status to open

    We have already done some work into making the overview-tab a "timeline" that covers more than just code changes, but it's not ready to be deployed yet. We'll get an internal discussion going on this and see what we can do :)

  3. Vincent Paca

    Man, I would've loved to see this on Bitbucket :(. I would happily pay on top of the paid plan to see simple project management features integrated directly to Bitbucket.

    Edit: Just discovered Bitbucket Cards, I guess that would do for now!

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