If you select a previous version of a file, you cannot navigate back to the current version (BB-6964)

Issue #5758 closed
Marcus Bertrand
staff created an issue

In the version selector of a single file view in the source browser, you can select to see a file at a specific revision. If you select a revision in the past, then attempt to select the most recent again, you cannot. It no longer appears in the list. to reproduce:

  • Select any file in the source browser to view
  • Use the revision selector in the upper right and choose any previous revision
  • After the view updates, attempt to use the selector to find the current/most recent version. It will not appear in the list.

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  1. allcloud

    i don't think that "major" is the right priority for it. it is either "Critical" or a "Blocker" as it really disables your option to properly work with the Diff option with your latest version

  2. Nicolas Venegas

    The bug here is that the branch selector's initial revision is labelled with the latest commit in the repository (or branch you were on), and not with the revision that the file was last touched. For example, if README was last modified in revision f231ac3 and you navigate via the branch master, both f231ac3 and master refer to the same version of the file.

    So we need to add the branch you navigated via as an option in that list (or make it clear that it is synonymous with the revision that refers to the source of the file when it was last touched).

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