Project hosting (BB-53)

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Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen created an issue

Bitbucket is quite nice as it is, but it would be great if it were possible to tie a bunch of repositories together without linking them to one particular account. For instance, they could share issue tracker and wiki. Generally speaking, most other project hosting facilities are full of crap which just gets in your way. Bitbucket might be able to make a reasonable profit hosting both open source and proprietary projects with only a little bit of tuning and reorganisation of what you have. To differentiate it from your account offering (and perhaps justify different pricing) you could include a mailing list, or similar collaborative tools.

Just a thought…

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  1. utku karatas

    Agreed. ie. let projects have a mailinglist/basic forum and that makes a pretty neat all in one package. (near as much as being a Fogbugz contender)

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