Wiki links and URLs with space no longer find page (BB-7023)

Issue #5760 resolved
Heath Frankel created an issue

We use the usual approach of creating wiki page links as follows:

Some page

This would normally resolve to a link to a page with a name of Some_page.

Recently, our links in the above form now resolve to pages with name Some%20page.

Can you tell me what has changed and how to resolve this? All our wiki links are broken

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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    It looks like we no longer convert spaces to underscores when creating pages that have spaces in their titles.

  2. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    We did make a change for how Creole handles spaces in links. This will allow you to create a page with a space and link to it with the space, or create a page with an underscore and link to it with the underscore. We made this change to be less surprising going forward, but unfortunately it does break the existing links.

    There are 2 ways you can fix this. The easiest way would be to change your links to point to Some_page rather than Some page. The other way would be to rename each file to replace underscores with spaces, e.g. Some_page >> Some page

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  3. Felix Collins

    Why can you not fix this by converting the links or file names using a script at your end? To expect customers to manually go through fixing something that you broke is a bit rough.

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