Be able to assign a code review to a person in my organisation (BB-6945)

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Bryce Johnson
created an issue

As a developer I'd like to be able to add one or more code reviewers from my bitbucket team/organisation and automatically send them an email when they have been added.

This functionality would also help me so I would not have to figure out the bitbucket ID for that user. Right now our people do not necessarily have bitbucket accounts that reflect our organisation name and we allow people to hook up their personal bitbucket accounts to our bitbucket organisation. This look up can be a little challenge when trying to use at@ mentions since they do not autocomplete.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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  1. Alex


    Case: I committed to a feature branch and would like to trigger/schedule code review. Right now I have to send the commit URL to my teammates, or mention them. In-repo pull request looks like a candidate for this case, but they seem to produce extra "merge commits" (issue #6106), and appear to handle larger scope reviews (branch vs individual commit).

    In Confluence, I have "Share" button to quickly share page with team. Something like "Mark for Review" button could work here.

    Possibly related: #5165

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