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Issue #5794 invalid

when viewing diff for a specific file, only the relevant commits should be shown in the comparative popup menus

Digital Heaven Ltd
created an issue

If I'm viewing a specific file, it doesn't make any sense to show all the commits in the "Diff from X to Y" popup menus when many of them may not have affected the file I'm viewing.

If that's not possible, then some visual indication in the popup menu that commit A affected this file but commit B did not affect this file, would be useful.

Comments (3)

  1. Nicolas Venegas

    The options in the Diff from and to selectors are limited to those commits that touched the file.

    Note that this does include merge commits (that may not have touched the file directly).

    Are the extra commits you are seeing merge commits, or are you seeing the entire history of the repository in those commits?

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