Issue #580 resolved
Chia-Huan Wu
created an issue

Sorry if this issue is duplicated, but I didn't find any opend issue related.

I want to clone my wiki ( and edit it off-line, but after I cloned it (hg clone, the in my local repo is still the default English template. The changes I made did not appeared.

I've posted this issue in, but no one replied yet.

Also, while I try to push back, bitbucket says that I have no permission:

{{{ willie@laptop:/tmp/wiki$ hg push pushing to searching for changes http authorization required realm: HTTP user: willie password: abort: authorization failed willie@laptop:/tmp/wiki$ }}}

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  1. Jesper Noehr

    Sorry about the late reply, and lack of reply on the Google group. This should work now. I've tested it with the repo in question, and I do indeed get a filled with chinese characters.

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