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Reify pull requests by making them a ref in the repository (BB-7014)

Anonymous created an issue

In Github, pull requests sent to repo can be accessed via refs/pull/123/... This enables things like Travis CI to work. I'd like the pull request be reified here, as well, so I can access it from git itself. Also, allow to list pull requests (possibly with filtering for open ones only), but there is #3442 for this.

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  1. Stéphane Wirtel

    +1 What do you wait for this feature? Sorry, but I work on a Continuous Integration Server, and this feature is missing :/ And currently, I can't support Bitbucket just because of that. I don't have the problem with GitHub.

  2. Eric Bower

    How are we supposed to test a PR before merging it? The only way I've found to get around this is getting READ access to the person who is submitting the PR's repo and then adding it as a remote. At the very least the maintainer of a project should be automatically be granted READ access to the forked repo so maintainers don't have to ask for READ access.

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