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It is about 3 AM pacific time. I tried making a fork of an existing repository. Original repo fork repo . I pressed the button a good... 5, 10 minutes ago? Every time I go to the /subdivide page, it says: "Cloning Repository... Please Wait A Minute While We Clone Your Repository" and there's a blue progress bar. If I try to push to /subdivide hg says it does not exist. I can push to my existing repos. I can certainly wait until tomorrow for the clone to complete but it seemed worth reporting.

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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Yes, we were experiencing problems earlier today (from

    16:54 UTC Pull requests, repo creation and post-push services are returning to normal. We will update here with more detail shortly. If you continue to have issues contact support.

    16:34 UTC We are currently investigating issues with slow or unresponsive tasks such as Pull Requests or Repo Creation.

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