Wiki commits via hg repo doesn't show up in timeline (BB-7042)

Issue #5833 closed
Lars Ivar Igesund
created an issue

In the project larsivi/amber/ I have pushed some wiki pages (see Annotations as an example) via the hg repository. However, when I do this, it does not appear to show up in the overview/timeline like the online wiki edits, even though the pages quite clearly have been added.

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  1. Lars Ivar Igesund reporter

    What? This issue has nothing whatsoever to do with the JIRA integration, in fact, I'm not altogether sure how much you had of that at time of reporting (I've been a member since long before Atlassian bought bitbucket). The point is that the bitbucket wiki is (was?) in fact a source repository that could be committed to by using the usual hg client, but that when this was done, the wiki edits wouldn't show up in the timeline, unlike when the edits were done via the usual wiki interface.

    I rarely use bitbucket anymore, so I don't really consider this an important issue though.

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