firefox can't save repository details

Issue #5850 resolved
Andrey Safronov created an issue

Firefox 17.0.1. Archlinux i686 In repository details tab 'Save reposiory details' button doesn't work

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  1. Andrey Safronov reporter

    Not sure, if I did it right. I've got this error on 'admin' and 'overview' pages:

    TypeError: window.$ is undefined,subString:"Linux",identity:"Linux"}]};a.init();window.$.cl...
    eded7a754859.js (line 1024)
  2. Andrey Safronov reporter

    There are no more js errors in console, but still can't save details under archlinux i686, x86_64, nor win7 x64. firefox 17,18, 19

  3. Erik van Zijst

    What exactly happens when you make a change and click the button? Can you open FireBug and see if it makes a request?

    We're complete unable to reproduce this problem on any platform. Do you have any extensions enabled that could be tampering with this?

  4. Andrey Safronov reporter

    I've checked extensions - adblock plus caused this problem. When it's enabled submit button "save repository details" does not produce any requests

  5. Isaac Freeman

    I'm having this same problem, but I have adblock plus (and all other addons) disabled. Can we reopen this issue?

  6. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Isaac,

    Since this sounds like a separate problem, could you create an new issue? This will stop us spamming Andrei and Erik.

    In the issue could you include the Firefox version and any console output when you try to click on the save button.

    Cheers, Brian

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