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Issue #5873 duplicate

Email Diff service is not working correctly.

Contrail Software Dev
created an issue


I had the email diff service on my repository (contrail_admin/ctrlplane) for past few months and things were fine (mail with diffs sent to id I had selected). However in past few days I do get email when a commit is pushed but I don't see actual diffs being sent out. Instead I see something like below-

date: 2012-12-31 00:16:58 summary: Make xmpp tests pass again. Move to non-blocking mode

affected #: 2 files

<GitDiff 906f8135c179:082740c9bdc1 ['src/xmpp/xmpp_client.cc']><GitDiff 906f8135c179:082740c9bdc1 ['src/xmpp/xmpp_server.cc']>

Repository URL: https://bitbucket.org/contrail_admin/ctrlplane/

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