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I have a suggestion. I have quite a few repos. And each of them have different access rules so in general I dont use groups. But it is very difficult to see who has access to what. it would be great to have a page where you can see all the repos where you are admin and its access control.

In my case, some persons left our dev team, and we had some repos where those still had access because we didn't see it in an easy way...

thanx!!! But still it is a great service, keep up with it!

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  1. Zachary Davis

    Hi there,

    This sounds like precisely the type of thing that groups was meant to handle. I'm sorry to hear that groups don't work for your access management needs, but we're unlikely to implement this in addition to the group management we already have. But feel free to add any additional details on the problem here and maybe we'll change our minds :)

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