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Issue #5893 closed

Redirects for Wiki Pages (BB-7080)

Bob Lawton
created an issue

When you rename/move a page inside the wiki all your old links become dead ends! The wiki needs a redirect feature like mediawiki's: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Redirect.

This feature could also be useful for synonymous terms, like "Setup" and "Install".

Comments (10)

  1. Denis Kuzmin


    a most off.common answer from Bitbucket:

    ...we are currently focused on other projects such as code search, LFS support, renames/moved files, and others.

    and I receive similar messages whole week for some watched issues. <_<

    So we'll not see anything like this in future at all.

    Currently, I already use the bitbucket service only as mirrors for all my old projects. I remember this inconvenience and a lot of other for current Wiki etc.,

    As a solution: just configure github pages for all your projects like additional Wiki. It easy, powerful and customizable way.

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