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Eric Martin
created an issue

I create a group for my organization and invited 4 people. Since then, a number of other people in my org have been invited (not be me or anyone I invited) and I'd like to know what is happening. Just today, members of the org received invitation emails...which I did not initiate.

I invited the first 4 users listed in the screenshot. Don't know how the other two got invited.


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  1. Zachary Davis

    Hi Eric,

    I double checked our code and tried it out, and I couldn't find a way that anyone other than team admins would be able to control access management for that account. Are you sure no one with admin rights initiated those invitations?


  2. Eric Martin reporter

    Hi Zach,

    I believe I am the only admin for the team and I know that I did not send them out. I would assume that you can see who sends out invites?

    Even people that I did invite and accepted are still getting invite emails. Others whom I did not invite are getting emails even though I removed them from the team after they joined.

    It seems to me like there are issues with the logic of the invite notification system...


  3. Zachary Davis

    Hi Eric,

    Sorry to hear that. I've created a support request on your behalf. I spoke with one of our support engineers, and he thinks the problem may be related to the DVCS connector (assuming you're using it).

    Feel free to add any additional info to the support ticket (whether you're using the connector, if you're an OnDemand customer) and hopefully we can get you sorted out.


  4. Flavio Donzé

    Having the same problem here, I don't have permission to look into the issue. What is the status on this?

    Bitbucket sending invitation emails to users, which are registered on jira.
    They then automatically are in the group "developers" which have write access!!

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