Problems with displaying content in IE 8

Issue #5915 wontfix
Anonymous created an issue

Hi, I am testing the functionality of your services. I was very pleased when testing it under Firefox and Chrome. I tried it with IE 8 and the website ( is completely messed up (see attached screenshots). For my needs the website has to work correctly under IE 8 and I cannot upgrade it.

Could you let me know solution to this problem?

Thank you in advance, Krzysztof

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  1. Zachary Davis

    Hi Krzysztof,

    Thanks for your feedback, but unfortunately we've made a conscious decision not to support Internet Explorer below version 9.0 due to the lack of modern functionality in those versions, and because we've found that almost all of our IE users are on version 9 or higher.

    We recommend using Firefox, Chrome, or IE9+.

    Cheers, Zach

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