"Watch issue" checkbox under reply form (BB-7087)

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Pieter De Decker
created an issue

When I post a reply on an existing issue, I also want to watch that issue most of the time. But I always forget to watch the issue, so I miss out on important information. I think this problem could be solved by adding a "Watch this issue" checkbox underneath the reply form, preferably checked by default. That way I won't forget to watch issues I'm replying to.

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  1. s3m3n

    +1 for this feature - we regularly miss something by not watching issues. This happens in only 4 persons team ATM.. It should be similar to facebook notifications. IMHO these are all cases to turn on auto-watching:

    1. Someone adds issue assigned to me - I really care about it.
    2. Someone wants something from me by tagging me personally. Anything said after this tag may also refer to me.
    3. When I reply / comment in ticket it always interests me - I MUST know what happened next.

    The last one is the biggest problem for us.

    @Zachary Davis when can we expect any update about this issue?

    Thanks in advance and cheers from Poland :)

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