User based google analytics (BB-682)

Issue #592 wontfix
Lars Yencken
created an issue

Currently Bitbucket allows per-repository google analytics tracking (<<issue 368>>), but per-user tracking would be very useful.

Each user would be able to set an analytics tracking key for their account, and this would insert the appropriate tracking code on every page under /username/.

This would allow them to see statistics on all their repositories with a single tracking key, and would mean that users do not have to manually generate and enter a new tracking key for each project.

Sound doable?

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  1. Rune Bromer

    This would be very useful for all the repositories my company have. It would be really cool if the user tracking code didn't just act as a default setting for each repository but was actually added. This would make it possible to have a global bitbucket tracking code and individual for important projects.

    I can have a look at this sometime during this weekend and following week? I'll just wait with implementing anything to I hear from Jesper.

  2. Rune Bromer

    Hi Lars

    It's planned but not in progress. As soon as I get some hours to throw into this, it will be fixed. I'll keep you updated here if that's okay.


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