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Issue #5925 new

Show latest commit message and date for directories when browsing source (BB-7096)

Eugene Serkin
created an issue

Very usefull feature. You can see proposal very clearly on image added to this issue.

Comments (26)

  1. Eugene Serkin reporter

    Zachary Davis [Atlassian] there are commit messages on same row as directories(not only at rows where files are located like currently at bibucket.org). So I don't need go through directories to reach files to see what was last commit and where are files located, that relate to it.

  2. Marvin Roger

    It is, I think, pretty simple to implement and it allows us to have a clear overview about the last commit in each directory. GitHub does it, so it would be cool if you would do it too. :)

  3. starkpro

    I just started using Bitbucket. So far everything has been great, but I will say I was a little disappointed when I first started and notice this issue. To me it seems like it is a very standard feature. Would love to see this added.

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