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ted blizzard
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when i clone a repo with capital letters like FollowWallWithPololuDualMotorDriver on a mac with Source Tree it creates the directory with all lower cases. the lack of proper naming causes my editor to have issues (this is a simple arduino application).

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  1. Bill Perry

    Actually there is an issue with bitbucket. (Maybe this is a different issue) For example, if the repo name has mixed case, the clone address shown uses all lower case. Given that bitbucket doesn't seem to care about case on repo names, and even has warning messages in various documentation about it not caring about case, Why alter the project repo name when handing out SSH or HTTPS repo address? If you didn't mess with the name, everthing stil works. i.e. the clone works when using the mixed case name, and the local name created on the cloned directory would be the proper case as the repo author intended.

    As it is now, user have to either rename their target directorycreated after the clone or type in the repo name as it should have been reported when they do the clone.

    This should be a very easy to fix. --- bill

  2. Sergiu Marsavela

    I came here for this. Can believe this is happening. If I would want lowercase I would name the project with lowercase letters. If I have capital letters in the name of the project and I try to clone it, it uses the address of the repo. This being all lower case, it creates the directory with lower case, messing a lot of things.

    Can someone look at this again?

  3. Bill Perry

    The problem is that Zach essentially closed out this issue since he considered it to be invalid. While the specific issue pointed out was not a bitbucket issue, it is being cause by a bug in bitbucket. I think the best course of action would be to create another new issue that points out that bitbucket incorrectly generates the SSH and HTTPS clone web address by forcing all the characters in the project name to lower case rather than leaving them alone. THAT is a real bitbucket bug.

  4. John Lemp

    Please reopen this or at least provide a link to a new issue here. I am running into the same issue with our private BitBucket server also converting Repo names to lowercase when it hands out the URL in the clone action.

  5. Bill Perry

    Well, like I said, if you want this to get some attention, re-open another issue, with the proper issue as I described above. Otherwise, adding posts to this issue will not result in any results as this is now being ignored.

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