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my project has no wiki

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I have this project:

When I go to the wiki for the project, I get a 404 page.

The same problem applies to two of my other projects: pjam-base, test.

I believe I created this project before bitbucket had wikis standard for all projects. Perhaps it is in a broken state on the server side?

From the current documentation, it seems like I shouldn't have to do anything special to get a wiki for a project. Yet it remains broken ):

Notably, one of my projects, pjam-dev, does have a wiki. I had explicitly created one for it back in the days when that was necessary.

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  1. jwdevel reporter

    Note: the project in question had its wiki settings set to 'public wiki'

    I tried changing it back to 'no wiki' then back to 'public wiki', but with no luck.

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