Include branch and tag information for every commit in a push payload to service brokers / hooks (BB-7110)

Issue #5938 resolved
Marcus Bertrand
staff created an issue

Currently, only the first/last commit will include information about the branch/tag it was on. This was by design originally, but should be changed for service brokers like the email service and others.

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  1. Lars Holm Nielsen


    This is a blocker for integrating BitBucket with (preservation platform for data and software by CERN). We currently have GitHub integration, and rely on post hook notification of new releases. In the absence of a release concept in BitBucket we can use tags as an alternative, but not if they are not included in the post hook notification.

  2. Piers Roberts

    +1 yes this would be incredibly useful if new tags were included in the payload for homerolled deploy tools that rely on tag info or tools to trigger satis/bower etc

  3. TheoN

    I would say including tags with the post payload is rather critical.

    Not including it is a blocker for many I feel.

    A use case for my team is as follows:

    We have completed work on a feature in our dev branch which is now ready for staging. Our planned infrastructure is to only deploy to staging via a tag for that staging release. Not including the tags in the post payload prevents us from leveraging tags in an effective manner.

    Not including them in the response requires a somewhat ridiculous workaround. We would have to include a dummy file for us to make a single character change to in order to add a new commit we can use as a flag to indicate to the server that the branch merge was successful and deployment is greenlit. If tags (and tag pushes) actually triggered the hook, we could avoid this cumbersome workaround altogether.

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