Giving a Team access to a repo does... nothing useful (BB-7113)

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I'm trying to give a dev team outside my organisation read access to a few repos. As I'm not a member of their team, I can't give them Group access, but the "User" picker allows me to type in a Team name even though it doesn't appear in the dropdown.

Of course, adding a Team doesn't given the team members access to anything.

We should fix two things:

  1. Make it clear in the User picker that adding a Team won't work (or make it work)
  2. When we decide that we won't make it work, add a method to get permission from a Team to give one of its Groups permission. In my case I don't even need permission to browse the external Team's Groups - I just need the ability to add the group to my repo.

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  1. Jerome Guilbot

    Yes this is annoying. I have granted access to some of my team's repositories to another team. They did receive an email on their end saying they had now write access to the repos, but they can't do anything with it.

    Please clarify what the original intent was or implement @DavidT's solutions.

  2. Kingdon Barrett

    This is a real issue, why is there no real response from Atlassian Bitbucket? I have just convinced my compatriots in another department to create their own team Bitbucket accounts and create a team,

    So that I can share my team's private project repo with their team (they are not Git users, but they will be interested in reading our functional specs, which are Cucumber stories!)

    It looks like there's no way for us to achieve this, and no other suggested course of action.

    Why wouldn't a team be able to share one of their private repos with another team?

    The screenshot shows a workflow where you could grant a team Read access to a private repo, and an error message that says "sorry you can't." Is there some technical reason why not? I think this would be an easy fix.

  3. Kingdon Barrett

    Oh, I see, I think the team admin has to do it. I will talk to the team owner.

    (See, I own this new team that I created, but the repo to share is in a different team, that I don't own but of which I'm just a member... so I can't share the repos from that team -- even the ones that are actually created by me)


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