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Issue #5944 closed

When I compare a project that I forked, I want to create a pull request from the cloned fork to my clone (BB-6653)

pombredanne NA
created an issue

Today, only pull requests from my repo to the upstream repo are possible. Github supports that alright and this is quite convenient to keep a repo fresh quickly online. Furthermore, the current behavior is misleading: when I "Swap source and destination" then "Create Pull Request" the pull request created will not match the source and dest I see, but always from my repo to upstream

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  1. Zachary Davis
    • changed status to open

    At this time we're not intending on allowing pull requests in that direction. However, we are currently working on a few features to allow you to merge branches or forks easily through the UI. As for the "Create pull request" behavior you mention, that is in fact a bug (the button should be disabled in that state).

  2. Zachary Davis

    Sorry, I misspoke a little -- we fully support creating pull requests in either direction, but we only allow you to create a pull request from the repository you're currently on. That is, if you want to create a pull request from A to B, you have to be viewing the A repository on Bitbucket. If you want to do the reverse, you simply have to initiate the pull request from the B repository. This is a direct result of how we expect pull requests to be generally used

    As for "keeping a repo fresh" from the UI, we're currently working on that functionality and are hoping to have that ready for release soon. I'll update this ticket when that happens and see whether or not it solves your use case.

    Also, the bug you pointed out with inconsistent current behavior has been fixed.

    Cheers, Zach

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