Allow to have some markup to commit's comments (BB-7136)

Issue #5958 closed
Giacomo Alzetta
created an issue

I realized some time ago that commit's comments can only contain links to issues and similars but nothing like bold/italics/bullet lists\inline code.

I think it could be useful to (optionally?)allow (some)Markdown on them. For example a commit message like:

Improved class ``SomeClass`` and fixed issue #53:

  -  The ``this_method`` method now <something>
  -  The class provides a new invariant ...
  -  Refactored ``big_method``s code into two submethods ``submethod_a``, ``submethod_b``. 

Would be rendered:

Improved class SomeClass and fixed issue #53:

  • The this_method method now <something>
  • The class provides a new invariant ...
  • Refactored big_methods code into two submethods submethod_a, submethod_b.

Is there a reason for not providing this feature?

Obviously I'm not saying to add markup to be rendered everywhere(e.g. in bitbucket's home where you see only the summaries of the commits), but in the deatiled view I think it would be simply fine to have.

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  1. Jérôme Pilliet

    The markdown format is not compatible with git.
    For example, you can't use title format.
    Because a line which begin with a # is interpreted like a comment.
    An other example, the spaces at the end of line are deleted.
    So you can't insert a line.

    I try to implement this feature on my personnal repository.
    And I had to make some choices.

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