Create a JIRA issue from Bitbucket (BB-7142)

Issue #5961 closed
Anonymous created an issue

When an issue is created in Bitbucket there should be an option to also create the same issue under a linked project in JIRA.

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  1. John St. John

    Similarly when an issue is marked as resolved in Bitbucket, if it was linked to a JIRA issue like this, it should also resolve the JIRA issue. That would be awesome!

  2. Daniel Hunsaker

    Vice-versa would also be nice. Indeed, it would be good if the two were wholly linked, such that any changes made on one (JIRA or BitBucket Issue Tracker) are also made on the other (where both platforms support the action, of course), including creation, comments, status transitions, and so forth.

    At that point, though, should we instead have this filed under the JIRA DVCS Connector Plugin issue tracker? Because it might actually be possible to handle the full integration there, thanks to the BitBucket REST API.

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