Add ability to disable pull requests (BB-7143)

Issue #5963 wontfix
Marcus Bertrand
staff created an issue

For some teams, the pull request workflow isn't appropriate. There should be a way to disable pull requests against a repo.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Pull requests are part of Bitbucket. They are how we do code review.

    We may someday explore branch permissions, like our cousin Stash already does.

    However we will not be adding an option to disable pull requests.



  2. Dylan Etkin

    I believe the pull requests are a core element to value add on top of DVCS and always having pull requests visible reenforces the concept to users. If users do not know what it is hopefully they will find out and we have helped spread the concept.

    We also are trying to reduce the surface area of Bitbucket. We are trying to remove configuration options, not add new ones. We debated if we should allow the downloads to be configurable and in the end decided not to. The same idea applies to pull requests.

    I can see how a project may not want to accept them and therefore does not want the option. However if you are getting PR's is that not a sign that perhaps your community wants to contribute?



  3. Tshepang Lekhonkhobe

    I sympathize with the desire to simplify code/interface, especially with the recent UI clean-up. I guess that's also part of the reason why the Python README.txt was no longer rendered as reST.

    As an aside, what do you mean by 'configurable downloads'? That they also should lack the option of being disabled?

    BTW, thanks for the great service. Makes my life that much easier.

  4. Asher Baker

    Please allow disabling pull requests, there are teams that have established workflows for code review that pull requests don't fit into - it has nothing to do with people contributing or not.

    There is an interesting note to this effect at the end of

    It's frustrating for people who want to contribute to have "make a pull request!" shoved in their face when the repository isn't going to look at them because they have a dedicated channel.

  5. Chris Johnson

    I'd also like to be able to disable pull requests. I create a public base repository for the homework that I assign. My students create private forks. Inevitably, one of them accidentally submits a pull request. Suddenly everyone can see their "contributions" -- which should have been private.

    Declining the requests doesn't make them disappear.

  6. Rich

    Is it possible to switch off the message prompting for pull requests? Most annoying.

    remote: Create pull request for develop:
  7. Lucas M. Schnorr

    I have the same problem as the one described by Chris Johnson in 2014. I am about to remove my repository only because I can't delete the pull requests. I will create another one with the same commits, not sure if the forks already created by my students will be able to pull and merge automatically from my repo. I hope so.

  8. RobyDev

    I agree with this ticket. I don't understand why it was changed to wontfix. I manage many projects using Bitbucket, Jira, Crucible and Bamboo. I use feature branching strategy as many enterprise companies do. There is absolutely no reason to have pull requests "enabled". I understand that pull requests are a valid feature for open source projects but still it should be up to the owner to decide if pull requests should be available in his repositories.

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