Add room notification option to HipChat Service Hook (BB-7167)

Issue #5974 open
CIR2000 NA
created an issue

Hello, the HipChat hook is working fine, but we miss a very simple option that we loved on GitHub: the room notification option. With it turned on, room members would receive a notification once a commit is pushed to a repo. Right now they have to remember to check the room every once in a while, which isn't optimal in certain circumstances.

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  1. Bruce Li

    Hi all, I found that there is a way to enable desktop notification:

    Go to Admin > Hooks > HipChat and update the API URL text box to

    This works for me. But I am not sure if there are any limitations.

  2. Milen Stefanov

    There is "walk around" solution with the Mailroom bot. You can create email and assign this mail to the Bitbucket notifications. Then from this mail you can forward the mails to the Mailroom bot and it will send messages to the room and trigger notifications.

    Still +1. And raise this issue to minor at least...

  3. Tanvir Shahid

    We need it truely because any kind of repository action we made in bitbucket, it sends message to hipchat without notification. It is really crazy to look all the time in the chat room.

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