Prevent owner of Pull Request from merging without (n) number of approvals (BB-7214)

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Dominick DeStasio created an issue

I love what you guys have done with the approval mechanism. I think this is much better than the way that Github works because it lets you say that you approved the pull request but still leave it open for other teammates to look at.

Here's how we've been using this: If David submits a pull request and I'm the first person to approve it, I do NOT merge it. I leave it open for others to look at. We don't have a strict policy on who reviews the pull requests and when. Sometimes, a day will go by and no one else will review the pull request and we deem it okay for the owner of the PR to go ahead and do the merge. (All of our users have read/write to the repos).

It would be cool if you could enforce that it had to be reviewed before it could be pulled in by the owner.

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  1. Jonathan Mooring
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    Hi Dominick,

    Thank you for the kind words, we're really proud of the work that we're doing and we're glad that our users are psyched about it, too!

    We tried to design Pull Requests in a way that keeps the process as free-form as possible and lets each team implement their own policies on approvals and merging. As such, we don't currently have any plans to implement a feature like this in the near-term. However, I will be leaving this issue open for additional feedback from the community.


  2. Dominick DeStasio reporter

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    No problem. My suggestion would be to have it as an option rather than being mandatory. Just a thought.. Thanks for leaving it open. I wouldn't build it for one single user either.

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