Multi-column issue sorting (BB-8056)

Issue #5995 open
Mathias De Maré
created an issue

Issue sorting is currently not stable.


  • If I sort my issues according to milestone first, I get version 1.0 issues first, then 2.0 issues.
  • If I then sort according to priority, all of the 'critical' issues will be on top, but the critical 1.0 issues will be interspersed with the 2.0 issues.

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  1. Jonathan Mooring
    • changed status to open

    Hi Mathiasdm,

    We don't have any near-term plans to update the issue tracker to support multi-column sorting, but I'm leaving this issue open for community feedback. Thank you for your suggestion and please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.


  2. Reece Hart

    This is not a duplicate of #6536. Please reopen it.

    I voted for this issue.

    Specifically, I'd like to to see multi-column sorting that can be embedded in the url (for bookmarking).

  3. Kevin Perry

    Looks like this issue has been sitting here a long time. Multi-column issue sorting would be extremely useful. And it's really not hard to implement - just multiple passes through any stable sorting algorithm. Why hasn't this been implemented yet? :-(

  4. K

    For any who don't understand why people are asking for this, I'll just describe what I'd imagine to be a pretty common usecase:

    Imagine a team of 4 to 10 people is working on a project of moderate scope. Say there are 50 open issues with different priorities and assignees...

    If I wanted to get a quick idea of which devs were piled up with high-priority work and which had only low-importance tickets assigned to them, I could simply sort by priority, then by assignee (secondarily).

    As I scrolled, I would see nice summaries of each member's workload, giving me a very clear picture of how work is distributed – who has it easy versus who might be struggling to keep up. I'd also quickly spot any important tickets which didn't have a minder.

  5. Katha Glück

    You already have version, milestone and priority information. As long as the default sorting does not consider this information worth sorting, your issue tracking system is really bad to work with.

    Multi column sorting is a good way to quickly get an overview of the to do list. Easy to implement plus extremly useful.

    Why the hell is this waiting to be implemented for almost FIVE FUCKING YEARS?

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