Suggestion: "create another issue" button (BB-7245)

Issue #5998 duplicate
Alexey Strelkov
created an issue

In the previous design the issue tracker button had a dropdown menu that enabled user to create an issue quickly. That was very comfy, especially when you needed to create multiple issues in a row. Now i have to make more clicks - issues - create an issue, after creating an issue, i must go to issues one more time only to click "create issue" button.

Suggestions: a) create a dropdown menu on issues, that will enable user to go to "create an issue" page instantly from any page b) make a separate button for this in the menu c) make a button "add another issue" that appears on the page that shows up after an issue was created

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  1. Jonathan Mooring staff

    Hi Alexey,

    Thank you for the suggestion. I agree that the workflow here could be better. I'm going to leave this ticket open for community feedback. I've also created a ticket in our internal tracker for additional input from the Bitbucket team.


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