Give users a way to see absolute timestamp for commits, comments, PRs, etc. (BB-7246)

Issue #6000 open
Evan Hicks
created an issue

When viewing the list of commits on a repo, the dates on the right say things like "21 hours ago" or "26 days ago". You have to go back more than a month before you get a date. Can these be changed to be real dates and times? Like, "Sep. 21, 9am".

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  1. Jonathan Mooring staff

    Hi Evan,

    Thank you for the suggestion. While I believe that our decision to use relative times for dates < 30 days was made explicitly to improve readability, I agree that access to the absolute timestamps would be useful. I've logged a ticket in our internal tracker and will be leaving this issue open for additional community feedback.


  2. Alexei Peters

    This is also something that has bugged my quite frequently. Using relative timestamps involves me having to subtract hours/days from the current time. An actual timestamp doesn't. Why make it harder to figure out when something was done?

    I also use Assembla and they group everything by date and order by time. Very convenient and unambiguous.

    Maybe this could be a user setting?

  3. Sam Izzo

    I'd really like to see full timestamps too. Also in issue #6842 it was mentioned that hovering over the date should show the full timestamp but I'm not seeing that behaviour in Chrome.

  4. Phil Ricketts

    This feature would be useful to me, even if just a setting in my options.

    Typical use case is when reviewing code sprints to determine exactly when something happened. Every time I just have to hover for the [title] date, which is a slightly annoying.

  5. DevOps

    A chrome extension is not a viable work around for enterprise environments. The only satisfactory solution is a code change to enable administrators/users to elect date display formats.

  6. David Daku

    Another +1 for this in all location where relative date labels are currently shown. It doesn't need to be on all the time, but it can be really important sometimes to know exactly when (including time) a commit, comment, or merge was made.

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