Email diffs with color (BB-16052)

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Currently, emails sent are not colored. That's quite a bumer for these mails' readability. Would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Jonathan Mooring staff
    • changed status to open


    As the email diff messages are presently sent in plain text, we are not able to apply custom formatting, including colors. However, I will leave this issue open for additional feedback from the community, as well as create a ticket in our internal tracker, should we decide to incorporate this in the future.


  2. Romain Bertrand

    Even though I really hate HTML emails, having a colored diff would make our life way much easier. Reading mails in mutt can have colored diffs, so it may not be useful to all of us. I guess having an option to chose between plain text or colored html email would be nice.

    My 2cts.

  3. sam van der borght

    I agree with Romain, The diff emails are pretty useless at the moment when doing large commits. You cant filter out the important parts without hurting your head over it.

    An option to choose plain/html would be great.

    For html keep it simple:

    • List of modified files
    • Diff's coloured green/red per file
  4. Samihub

    This would be a huge improvement. Right now it’s very hard to read the diff, and every day entire teams are spending precious time on eye-parsing the commit emails, when it would be much faster and much more efficient if it was colored (like any diff program). For a paid cloud git solution, this is bad.

  5. Aaron Edwards

    Please please please! Was amazed how ugly and unhelpful the email diffs were. And it would not be very hard at all. Was using SVN::Notify before and now i'm back in the dark ages.

  6. Tom Healey

    You have two developers here that would love this feature also. I agree with all the previous posters. I would also say that you already have the HTML you need, (it's part of the commit you display on the website.) So you already have code to generate the correct HTML. Just change the content type (multipart/alternative) to the email and add the html.:) Then we would be back in parity with our old internally hosted git server, where we added the hook to do pretty email. I don't want to say is drop dead easy. I'm just saying its not a hugh new feature and it would be a really helpful addition. WE would really appreciate getting this into a release sometime soon. Thanks, Tom

  7. Justin Morgan

    +1 to all the above. We very much need an Email Color Diff service for BitBucket. I guess we were all spoiled by the awesome color diffs from svn::notify (I thought git was supposed to be better than subversion. ;-)

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