API request now returning bad request when formerly returned list of repos (BB-7205)

Issue #6002 resolved
Chris chandler
created an issue

the request I have been making, as user developingchris

is https://#{username}:#{password}@api.bitbucket.org/1.0/user/repositories/?query=sites_

now I get an empty list even though I have access to all of the repos in an org that used to show.

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  1. Chris chandler reporter

    in the last little while, now I'm getting repos I own when I used to get repos that I owned and were part of orgs I belonged to. Is this consistent with what you see?

  2. Katrina Walser


    We made a fix recently to the endpoint that changed how much detail you got about each repository, but that restricted the list of repositories just to ones that user owns.

    We've changed it back - you now get all the details about any repo that's visible to that user. Sorry for the confusion!

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