Trying to create a new user with last name greater than 30 chars results in error (BB-7226)

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I'm trying to create an user on Bitbucket but an error appears after I fill the form and hit "Sign Up":

"Something went wrong."

I tried to create the user again with the same information, but now the system gives me a message that "A user with that username already exists.". Think I blocked this username on the system...

I typed other usernames (otavioaguiar, otaviodeaguiar, otavio_aguiar, otaviovbra, otaviorodriguesdeaguiar), but the same problem occurs. I already tried using a different email account and using OpenId to register.

Here is the last debug info of the error: 34c4cf6ebfc34f24b15c21b149230342$3fd912c8c43e6261d9c2d03b01fc6b9f .

I already checked my emails for Bitbucket messages, but none was received.

Thank you for the help.

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