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Issue #6011 duplicate

Pagination broken in commits page with search

Carl Eberhard
created an issue

Browser: chrome 24.0.1312.52 (OS X 10.6)

All pagination links load first page (results 1-30) when performing a (two word) search on the commits page of a repo.

  1. Go to a commits page of a repo.
  2. Search for a two word query (with no adv. help switches) that would produce more than one page of results.
  3. Use 2, 3, Next: the first set of results is loaded.

Note that the urls are changing (the hash changes) - but the page that loads is still the 'first' page.

This should be the second page of my commits on galaxy/galaxy-central: https://bitbucket.org/galaxy/galaxy-central/commits/all/17d6bfafebec/Carl%20Eberhard

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