Email option for anonymous users who submit issues (BB-7223)

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Anonymous users that create issues should be able to stay up to date on their issue activity. An optional email input for anonymous issue creation would satisfy this.

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  1. wcb reporter

    In the process of not wanting to "encourage anon issues" you're discouraging people from submitting reports. Thus, it is making this platform less viable as a means to center software development and improvement. This makes it seem as though the primary objective is to get people to sign up for Bitbucket rather than help developers. There are more bugs in software than there are people willing to signup for a website in order to follow one of their issues.

    Please concentrate less on marketing strategy and more on being a quality platform for software devs.

  2. wcb reporter
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    I don't know the proper procedure for this. However, I was hoping this issue might get reconsidered if at all possible. Thanks for your time.

  3. domainfun

    @wcb: Just my opinion ... I support Bitbucket's stance of "wontfix". They allow anonymous users to create issues (I've just done the one for your quicksite repo), and I feel that optional email input would only encourage spammers (despite the captcha). I say this based on my 15+ years experience as a devop/sysadmin for 1,000+ websites. Besides, once you leave your email address you're no longer truly anonymous. I'd rather see Bitbucket concentrating on their core business - providing an excellent software development platform for registered users - instead of potentially wasting time/resources handling emails to anonymous users.

    There are also a few risk associated, for example: a) email addresses are unverified, hence are more likely to cause additional bounces & collateral spam, b) email messages may be seen as spam (if sent to a third party who did not file the issue), c) Bitbucket outgoing mail servers are then prone to be blacklisted as a result.

    Reliable e-mail creation & sending/delivery from web apps is complicated enough as it is - even for big companies, e.g. see Ticket #8409 and Ticket #8413.

    In fact, I often wish I could give feedback or report issues on various websites without having to deal with any replies or having to leave my email address.

    If an anonymous user wants to know progress he/she can always look at the public repo concerned. If he/she is very keen to be kept updated then they can easily register & "watch" the issue in question (without having their name associated with the ticket, as far as the public is concerned).

    Maybe I'm just paranoid, and in any case, this is only my personal opinion.

    In short: it's a fair assumption to say that if one submits a ticket as an anonymous user he/she doesn't want to be bothered with being updated about its progress.

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