No support for wiki article links in Markdown wiki pages (BB-11432)

Issue #6017 on hold
James Oakley
created an issue

It seems that there is no way to easily link to other wiki pages using the new Markdown syntax, which is apparently now the default, even on new pages created within Creole-only wikis. Additionally, the documentation makes no reference to wiki-linking at all.

Ideally, it should work similarly to other Markdown-based wiki systems, such as the one used on Sourceforge.

I attempted to try different methods, but none of them worked, outside of creating full URLs.

Wiki-linking is a very curious omission considering this is a Wiki system.

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  1. Jonathan Mooring staff


    You can link to other wiki pages in Markdown using the standard link syntax. Suppose you have the following pages:

    • Home
    • Features
    • Support

    You can link to "Features" and "Support" from "Home" like so:


    Hope this helps.


  2. Jez Hill

    @Jonathan Mooring this is not a resolution. [This](this) is an abuse of the markdown standard and leads to problems when you try to create a static copy of your wiki (e.g. when you're packing your documentation into your software installer). Markdown converters like pandoc, markdoc etc will follow the standard and will not expect to have to translate [this](this) into <a href="this.html">this</a>. Instead they will produce <a href="this">this</a> which will be a page not found. The solution is is to implement the "wikilinks" extension to markdown, whose syntax is [[this]].

  3. Kevin Field

    Also pages with a dot in the middle. I wanted to make a page whose topic was a certain file, scripts.txt. In context it seemed best to title it that, but it's not allowed.

  4. Zachary Davis

    From the python markdown wikilinks docs:

    A [[bracketed]] word is any combination of upper or lower case letters, number, dashes, underscores and spaces surrounded by double brackets.

    I believe our current support (which is, in fact, just the wikilinks extension to python markdown) is exactly this. I believe the original issue has been satisfied, and any outstanding issues (many symbols do not work) are in fact issues with the wikilinks extension itself.

    Does anyone have a problem with me resolving this issue as fixed?

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