send notifications to hipchat for pull requests (BB-7283)

Issue #6028 closed
Thomas Einwaller
created an issue

it would be useful to get notifications in hipchat when pull requests are opened, comments posted and pull requests merged

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  1. Jonathan Mooring staff
    • changed status to open

    Thanks for the suggestion, Thomas. I agree that this would be a great feature for the HipChat service. I've added a ticket in our internal tracker and will be leaving this issue open for additional community feedback.

  2. Gergely Tamás Kurucz

    I second Thomas. We are evaluating HipChat as a communication platform for developers, we are already a customer of BitBucket, would be nice to have fine grained control over what notifications are sent over what channels.

    According to my testing, none of the services (e.g. POST) receive notification about a newly opened pull request, comments posted, or merges made. This seems to be a general feature request towards BitBucket, instead of being only HipChat specific.

  3. glenbot

    This would be a great feature to have. I used to use it all the time with githubs hipchat hook but now i work somewhere else that uses bitbucket.

  4. John Ryding

    +1, I would also like to be able to configure which notifications are published to my HipChat room. I personally only care to see when PR is opened and when it's merged.

  5. Eric Long

    FWIW, with no out-of-box way to do this with Bitbucket/Hipchat integration (like there is with commits to a repository), we are using to accomplish this. Zapier looks at activity in bitbucket and posts to a HipChat chatroom on 5-minute intervals. We have it setup to post pull requests and approved/completed pull requests.

  6. Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen

    I was able to set up at least some hint of PRs being created in HipChat by creating a new hook in the BitBucket repository of type "Pull Request POST", and then entering a URL like this:

    Replace room_id and auth_token with the values from your HipChat integration.

  7. Ricardo Machado

    The current implementation is really good... However it would be interesting to have:

    • Approvals' notifications
    • Source code changes' notifications

    For now, the workaround is using the api (and a cron job) and check it constantly

    Nice work so far guys... Really liking it.

    /cc @Jonathan Mooring

  8. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi everyone!

    The original scope of this request has been delivered, so I'm closing this issue.

    There is an additional request for approval notifications, which we are working on. To receive further updates on that issue, please watch issue #11619. Thanks!

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