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Issue #6037 invalid

strange behaviour

Brent Salo
created an issue

Hello, I have just switched over some of my repos from github and have noticed a few strange things. Of note, this repo should be 100% private.

  1. https://bitbucket.org/scgbitbucket/kernel-cfid3 is showing recent activity that has nothing to do with my private repo, and is quite far from 'recent'. I am concerned about code privacy given strange users are showing up in my history.

  2. The size of this repo shows as 580 bytes which is definitely wrong.

  3. It is difficult to see the recent events when they show up below the readme file for a repo In the case of a kernel, the readme file is small. Perhaps this should show up below the comments, or be user configureable.

  4. I have 2 other repos that have been doing an 'import' since friday. There is no way to cancel the import since they seem to have stalled. If they are too big, please let me know. Could someone please take a look at these issues?

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