Subtasks for issues (BB-7249)

Issue #6043 wontfix
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Can we PLEASE have subtasks. This would work similar to JIRA tasks, allowing hierarchical relationships between issues.

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  1. Jonathan Mooring staff
    • changed status to open

    Thank you for your feedback. We don't currently have any near-term plans to add sub-tasks to the issue tracker, but I'll be leaving this issue open for additional feedback from the community.


  2. James LaPenn

    Years old issue at this point, but my need for such functionality hasn't changed in a decade. I guess this makes GitHub, GitLab and Gitorious better than BitBucket since you can use this functionality through markdown. I'll have to move my projects over to a paid Github account since BitBucket can't provide such simple and important tools for complex project tracking.

  3. Shahar Dekel

    It makes sense to have sub-tasks integrated in bitbucket. I found the need for it when I wanted to create a task that cannot be completed before a previous task, but have to way to tie the two tasks together. Please reconsider (or is there another solution)?

  4. Gregory McQuillan

    This would make things a lot cleaner for me. I think the benefit of moving to jira comes in its many other features, not specifically subtasks, so there would still be plenty of draw to upgrading if that's a concern.

  5. Steven Fuqua

    Bitbucket's Issue Tracker is its weakest point for me. I don't think subtasks (or dependencies on other tasks, which would be a workaround) add that much complexity.

    I really need some structured, supported way to break up a large task into multiple pieces.

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