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Case: I'd like to have an option to only see team members in autocomplete when writing a comment with @ mention. Suppose I only need to work on couple certain repos in a team. It feels like I have a chance of accidentally ping an outside user.

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  1. Jonathan Mooring staff

    Hi Alexey,

    Thank you for your feedback. We prioritize teammates above other users in the mention autocomplete list to help reduce the chance of this happening. While this may be an option we consider adding in the future with enough feedback from the community, we have no plans to do so in the near-term.


  2. Jeremy Weathers

    @Jonathan Mooring - I don't know if your answer was correct back when you posted it in January (my recollection says it was not), but currently Bitbucket absolutely does not prioritize team members in the auto-complete list.

    To be more specific - if I remember the username my team member picked (often unrelated to their real name, and which the Bitbucket UI does not show in preference for their real name) and type that for an @ mention, then they will show up at the top of the list.

    If, however I start typing the team member's real name after the @ I will see other non-team-members - with real names, not user names, that match my typing - before I see my team member.

  3. Vimal Kumar

    Anyone might have different perception about this issue but for me it has the HIGEST priority. I might look for other git options if this problem persist. I DONOT mix anyhow my team with any external members !!! I am really surprised not to see many people asking for this fix.

  4. Ryan McDonnell

    What would be the point of tagging an outside member if they can't access the repo in the first place? Would that external user be notified of the mention if they can't access the repo? If so, there is potential for private company information to be disclosed by accident.

  5. Ayman Abdel-Samad

    +1 We have a private repository and recently discovered that one of us was tagging an outside person because the name was close to a team-mate. I am surprised that this issue is tagged as WONTFIX. You should at least give us the ability to control whether mentioning works only for developers who have access to the repository or to everyone. I see this as a security/privacy hole and think that it is not a complicated feature.

  6. Mohamed Galal

    +1 for the risk of disclosing private info by mistake.

    If you're already able to mark team member with the TEAMMATE label, how hard can it be to give the option to show only team mates?

    I really can't get what is the problem with this feature request? A private repository that can only be accessed by a closed group of members. The group doesn't want to risk sharing anything with the outside world, Why don't you let them?

  7. Mark Janos

    I am also surprised this issue has been tagged 'Wont Fix'. I think this 'feature' is a real problem for (paying) corporate users who want to protect their intellectual property. It is far too easy to add a random person to your repo then all your source is exposed.

    Only people in your 'Team' should be able to be added to private repos.

    I can understand why you need the ability to add random members of the public to public repos,

    Please re-open and FIX this issue.

  8. SamirH

    How is it possible that it has been targeted as "won't fix"? I'm frustrated EVERY time I want to mention someone because it offers me some random users!

  9. Kirk Beard

    How the hell can this be marked as wontfix? It's a horrible implementation of something that can be easily fixed.

    There is absolutely no case where I would want to mention a random user in a comment on a private repository.

    As for the prioritisation of teammates over random users, that doesn't work at all for me.

  10. Angelos Chaidas

    @Jonathan Mooring +1 from me as well on fixing this.

    Out of curiosity...what is the use-case for allowing people to tag non-team members on private repos?

    For teams of < 100 people, I can also see a benefit in making the list of teammates available to the JS layer on page load without the need of the (very slow in my case, > 1 sec delay) async call to /xhr/user-mention. It'll be instantaneous and relevant.

  11. amol

    @Jonathan Mooring +1, this is not only irritating, it also hampers work seriously. The autocomplete almost always shows me all the users other than those from my team. And the justification given for "wontfix" is like rubbing salt on the wound. This is a mustfix.

  12. Charles Charles

    Agreed with what others have said. For team repos, there is no reason why this "feature" is useful and opens up simply opens up a can of issues

    The way @mention works in Bitbucket is totally inconsistent with other Atlassian products and I am surprised this issue is not flagged by QA for failing to meet the product compliance policies.

    If any product manager from Atlassian is watching this, please reconsider the status and priority.


  13. Vašek Dohnal

    +1 In my case prioritizing team members does not work. I think, this „feature“ doesn't make any sense. How can I tag in private repository people I don't know?

  14. Adam Taylor

    +1 the autocomplete is too slow so it's easy to pick the wrong user, which is always a worry, especially without knowing exactly how it behaves WRT private repositories.

  15. RD

    I sent in a support ticket asking for pretty much what you guys are wanting.

    1. Add a setting to toggle on/off: "Limit Tagged users to Repository Members" which means if you type @A for example, it will not show members who are not a member of your repository. By default this setting would be set to false

    2. Add a "Tagging Alias's" page, under General settings which would allow you to change @BB Il for example to tag @RD instead of @BB Il (BB II)

    Either or both would suffice for me, but the first option would be the best.

    @Jonathan Mooring It clearly isn't working correctly for me:

    I want to be able to just type their first name or @Bil and tag the Bil who is a member of my repo, not the user "Bil" (BB II)

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